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18 holes - hours of fun!

Have you ever tried a game of football golf? (some are familiar with the term foot golf) It's a big part of our exciting farm park because it caters to all age groups. Football Golf is a well-known and popular game, originally from Sweden. But at Nymarksminde we have made a great deal out of it. Here we have carefully crafted different courses, to create the most funny experiences and challenges. The game itself can be described as mini-golf with footballs - just without clubs.
So why not bring your family and friends to a super game Football Golf on Nymarksminde in North Jutland? Each day of the season we offer fun and movement which is healthy for both body and soul. And the best part is that anyone can participate - regardless of age and previous knowledge of football or even golf.
Our fun Football Golf course has 18 holes of varying difficulty and lengths. Across the terrain you have to overcome poles, ditches, fences, trees and pipes. The courses are placed out on the open fields. The surroundings are calm to play in - and when you need a break, just sit at one of the many outdoor tables. The ball room in the service house has balls ready to use and they cost nothing to rent. The balls have different sizes, so that all ages can participate. As for relaxation, we have a large service house with plenty of seating, a kiosk and barbeque for free use.
It can easily take 1 to 1½ hours to play though all 18 holes - and this of course depends on the number of players. The game works super well for larger groups, like intro tours, school trips, or potlerabends - here you can quickly piece together a contest to see who is the ultimate football golfer!

So what are you waiting for? Everyone gets a great day with Football Golf in Northern Jutland! You do not have to reserve time - but it's a good idea to contact us if you are a larger group. In this way we can ensure that there is room for everyone.

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