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on a trip around Nymarksminde

We get closer to the animals in the Danish fauna. This includes, among other things, foxes, badgers, red deer, and much more. The Nature School allows children to touch bones and skulls, and they’ll guess which animals the different hides belong to. There will be exciting stories and important knowledge about how to interact with animals in the Danish nature.

It’s free to participate once you’ve paid the park entrance fee.

At 13:00  o’clock on all opening days, you can join the Nature School in the park.

On all opening days, you can participate in feeding the animals. The tour takes 30 – 45 minutes, and you’ll come into contact with chickens, rabbits, pigs, cows, and the rest of the park’s animals. Nymarksmindes loyal employees will share entertaining stories and demonstrate how to handle the different animals.

The tour is held every day at 10:15 o’clock and 15:00 o’clock.

The tour is free after paid admission to the park.

Nymarksminde has a huge enclosure out in the fields. This is where you’ll find the park’s red deer.

Join us as we drive out to visit them on a Deer Safari! We’ll ride in a tractor and wagon across the fields and the beautiful landscape. You’ll experience a bit of everything on the tour, and hopefully, we’ll encounter the deer during their lunch.

The tour costs 20 DKK per person. A 10-ride pass costs 150 DKK.

The tour runs every opening day at 13:30 o’clock.

Grab family and friends by the hands and hop on the tractor. We’re going on fun tractor rides across the countryside. It’s a fantastic tour that takes you out of the park area and into natural surroundings under the open sky.

The tour costs 10 DKK per ride.

The tour runs every opening day at 11:30 o’clock and 15:45 o’clock.


In the heart of the farm park, you can experience a true oasis of a farm where each animal has its own unique personality and story to share.



When you step into the play area at Nymarksminde, a world of pure joy and adventure opens up for children of all ages.



The park offers an 18-hole challenging football golf course. If you know what mini golf and soccer are, then you’re familiar with football golf!

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