Daily activities

FREE activities


On Farm Holidays we organize unique activities every day together with our guests. In addition to free access to the Mini Zoo, Playland, Football Golf and Swimmingpool, this is part of being a Farm Holiday guest. The activities take place every day at 16:30 (except Saturday) and it’s free to join. On this page you can read a little about the various activities we do. We cannot guarantee that we will do all of the following activities every week, and there will certainly be some activities that are not listed here. It often depends on the weather.


Ride the tractor

For farm holiday guests, we drive an extra long and exciting tractor ride. We drive all the way out into the fields and come down past the lake. Here everyone can really enjoy the good Danish countryside and breathe a good dose of fresh air.


Drive Mooncars

We have two motorized mooncars and perfect terrain for a great trip out in the fields. This is one of the most popular activities for the guests, who of course get a safety helmet and training to drive them.

Heated pool

We are very proud of our indoor heated swimming pool. Swimming in the pool is not part of the 16:30 activities. The guests, on the other hand, have free access to use it whenever they want.


Trip on horseback

Have a nice ride on a horse out on our large field. Here you can get around a lot, and of course the trip takes place in the company of professional staff.

Trip to the lake

We often have the fishing net out in the lake. Here, the guests get the pleasure of helping to lift it up and see if any fish have got in. If this is the case, we take the fish home and put them in the aquarium, where you can admire them before they are released again.


Baking pancakes

Have you ever taken eggs from the hens and used them for pancakes? You can now get the chance to be part of it! Here, children are allowed to mix and knead the dough – and of course they also have to taste it.



The popular roundball game is the perfect game for getting to know each other. It’s often one of the first things we do, and is always incredibly funny.