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All the traditional dANISH farm animals

Say hello to the friends in the animal park at Nymarksminde. Here, you step into a world of furry embraces, feather-adorned charmers, and curious moments with beloved farm animals. You get up close to pink pigs, bleating sheep, quacking ducks, and hopping rabbits, spreading joy with every little hop. Our mini-zoo is a paradise for all animal lovers, regardless of age.

Around with farmer Ole

Help with the feeding

The animals are fed every day at 10:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. You can join us as we walk around the entire park. All guests receive a feeding bucket, which should be used during the tour. It’s free after paid admission to the park.

Experience the nature school

Join us at the nature school every day at 13:00. Here, we sit in a circle while stories are told about Danish nature and fauna. We also examine skeletons and various animal hides from nature.

Get up close

We’re definitely looking forward to showing you the farm – and, of course, the rest of our zoo and animal park. And if you’re interested, you can also come inside and see how the hens lay eggs! Have you ever tried holding a chicken? You’ll probably also enjoy watching the goats as they jump and play, and be ready with a feed bucket when they come to say hello. They eat quickly and can easily eat from your hand. All the animals are always in a good mood and ready to play! Take a trip to our mini-zoo in North Jutland, near Aalborg.


Play area

When you enter the play area at Nymarksminde, a world of pure happiness and adventure opens up for children of all ages.


football golf

The park offers an 18-hole challenging football golf course. If you know what mini golf and soccer are – then you know football golf!



Experience the thrill of our tours and rides, which range from nature school and deer safari to a relaxing tractor ride.

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