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At Nymarksminde, we provide space for learning. The entire animal park covers a total of 90,000 m², offering open areas for exciting learning in beautiful surroundings. The experienced staff at the park ensure that children have a safe and educational day. We also offer indoor seating with tables and benches, where you can enjoy your packed lunch and receive information.

The Biology of the Farm

Learn where milk comes from, who lays our eggs, and where the wool for your clothing grows. At Nymarksminde, you’ll get a tour of all the farm animals in our popular mini-zoo. All children receive a feed bucket in their hands and help with feeding. During the feeding, the children will hear stories and facts about the animals.

We offer educational programs that adapt to class, subject, and theme. Students are taken around the park, and we also use Nymarksminde’s indoor facilities for teaching.

NB: All programs must be booked at least 14 days in advance so that we can prepare materials and activities.

Bugs of the forrest

Nymarksmindes jungle path is a popular place to experience the forest’s animals. We provide materials to find and identify the various creatures that can be spotted among the trees in the form of cut-out silhouettes. Children have the opportunity to explore the ground and search for the forest’s creepy-crawly creatures. We also provide materials for identifying different beetles, centipedes, worms, and the like.

A farm at night - sleep with the animals

Now you have the opportunity to spend your summer vacation in the most beautiful nature at one of North Jutland’s most attractive destinations. The small campsite ensures a quiet and secluded stay.

Bring your own caravan or tent to the scenic area on the farm. There are only three campsites, so you’ll get plenty of space for your money. You’ll have the chance to participate in farm activities, just like the other guests in the holiday apartments. However, in your own caravan, you can easily retreat to a more private corner of the farm.

With the school on a guided tour in Hammer Bakker

Nymarksminde also offers excursions outside the park. We are the best at conveying the local area on tours through Hammer Bakker. The wagon accommodates 28 people, and a full wagon costs 1950 DKK. The tour lasts 45 minutes.

The experience is perfect as a supplement to history education about the local area and Hammer Bakker. We discuss how Hammer Bakker looked before the forest was restored and how churches and village communities have emerged over time.

The guided tour can be combined with other activities in the farm park. If multiple classes participate, we usually alternate between conducting nature school sessions or feeding rounds in the park. This way, all children are engaged, and waiting times are minimized.

Contact us to learn more about the guided tour in Hammer Bakker.


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Visit us on weekdays - and have the whole park to yourself!

As something new, schools and institutions can ‘rent’ the park on weekdays with a minimum of 50 people. This means that we open the park for you at a predetermined time. Here, you can participate in feeding, nature school, and all the usual activities.

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