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Have you ever tried the fun sport of football golf? Some also know it as soccer golf. At Nymarksminde, it’s a significant part of the exciting farm park, catering to all age groups. There are challenges for everyone and balls of different sizes.

Football golf - and free access to the rest of the park

Why not invite your family and friends to a thoroughly magical and cheerful round of football golf at Nymarksminde in the enchanting Northern Denmark? Take part in an experience that spreads laughter and energy, and allows your inner child to play freely. Imagine strolling along our enchanting 18-hole course, where each patch of grass is filled with challenges and fun twists.

Whether you’re an experienced soccer star or a first-time golfer, with enthusiasm and energy, you can dive into this playful combination of two beloved sports. Nymarksminde offers an experience where everyone can participate and create memories that last a lifetime. So gather your loved ones and step into a world of football golf, where fun, movement, and joy are at the heart of our adventure.

After challenging each other on the courses, the rest of Nymarksminde’s park is available for your enjoyment.

18 holes

You’ll find 18 holes with varying levels of difficulty and lengths, designed to challenge both precision and technique. Balls and scorecards are available for free use.

Multiple dificulties

Players must navigate through poles, ditches, fences, trees, and pipes placed across the terrain. Some places have shortcuts, but those are for the experienced.

Hours of fun

Suitable for larger groups – such as introductory tours, school trips or bachelor parties. But also small family outings or when you just want some exorcise.

Balls and score cards are ready for you!

Our fun football golf course has 18 holes of varying difficulty levels and lengths. Across the terrain, you’ll encounter poles, ditches, fences, trees, and pipes. We’ve placed the courses out in the open nature. It’s a cozy environment to play in, and if you need a break, feel free to sit at one of the many table/bench sets we have. The ball room in the service building has balls ready for use, and they’re free to rent. The balls come in different sizes, so players of all ages can participate. When it’s time to relax, we have a large service building with plenty of seating, a kiosk, and grills for free use.

Playing all 18 holes can easily take 1 to 1½ hours, depending on the number of players, of course. The game is great for larger groups, such as team-building outings, school trips, or bachelor parties. You can quickly organize a competition to determine the ultimate football golf player! So, what are you waiting for? Everyone will have a fantastic day with a round of North Jutland football golf! You don’t need to reserve a time, but it’s a good idea to contact us if you have a large group. That way, we can ensure there’s enough space for everyone.


After paying the entrance fee, you have free access to the zoo with farm animals, a playground with a bouncy castle, a service building with toilets and a kiosk, and much more.

Feel free to bring your own food and try our new Napoleon Gas Grills. They are available on all opening days and are free to use.

If you’re not interested in cooking your own food, we also offer pizza at the service building’s kiosk.


In the heart of the farm park, you can experience a true oasis of a farm where each animal has its own unique personality and story to share.


Play area

When you enter the play area at Nymarksminde, a world of pure happiness and adventure opens up for children of all ages.



Experience the thrill of our tours and rides, which range from nature school and deer safari to a relaxing tractor ride.

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