Farmpark - Lovely animal park and mini-zoo near Aalborg

Mini zoo:

In our mini-zoo, we have pink piggies that grunt, bleating sheep and ducks that rap all day. The cow can make a roar, geese hisses, goats bleat to get your attention and turkeys chatter. The hens run confused around - perhaps looking for the golden egg? The cat meows and loves to be petted. The soft rabbits jumps happily around, and once you've caught your rabbit, you can really sit and play with it for hours. And best of all - you walk right in to most of the animals!

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Play Area:

The play area has a bit of everything. The large playground is where children can jump on the bouncy castle, dig in the sandbox, swing on the fun swings, and climb on the large tower. This is also the place with fun playhouses, toys and lots of small toy scooters, tricycles, mini-tractors and much, much more. The play area really keeps children occupied for hours.

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Football Golf:

Nymarksminde also offers a huge 18 hole challenging football golf course. If you know mini-golf and football - then you also know what football golf is! Children and adults of all ages are free to grab a ball and kick through the unique and fun courses. We provide scorecards and footballs of different sizes. Ready, set, go!

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Nymarkminds Farm Park is an animal park / mini-zoo with activities very close to Aalborg. Here you can get an informative, exciting and fun trip with all the traditional Danish farm animals. Here you can feed the animals, and generally have fun times with them.
So why not take the kids for a trip in the beautiful north Jutland? Visit our park and mini-zoo! We all look forward to see you!

Take a look at the calendar to see events in the park.

Dogs are not allowed in the park
Play safe in the park - it is your own responsibility
Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov
+45 26 18 28 26
Cvr: 20847506
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