Nymarksminde close to Aalborg in northern Jutland offers Bed & Breakfast and Farm holiday for both travelers in the high season and simple accommodation outside the season, for example, craftsmen who stays for short or long periods in the region.

Nymarksminde also offers Farmpark - a natural playground with fun facilities, lots of exciting activities and lively farm animals. The Farmpark caters to both day visitors and holiday guests alike.

Nymarksminde also has an 18-hole Football Golf course that challenges everyone who wants a few hours of exciting play, experiences and a challenge in accuracy and patience.

The site also has a well-equipped meeting and conference department with all modern facilities, where companies can meet, in beautiful surroundings, to develop their businesses etc.

Nymarksminde is only a 10 minute drive from the city of Aalborg, in the heart of Jutland and quite close to Vodskov, a lively commercial center with both supermarkets, specialty shops and takeaways, beautifully situated in the natural area of Hammer Bakker.
The location is also close to many of the attractions, sights and activities that Jutland offers: The city of Aalborg, Fårup Summerland, Skagen, the North Sea coast, Aalborg Zoo, Jesperhus Blomsterpark, Nordsøen Oceanarium and so many more locations.

Nymarksminde, which was founded in 2001 as a Bed & Breakfast and Farm holiday location, is owned and operated by the couple Ole & Inger Risager.

History of Nymarksminde

We create life on the countryside.
The story of Nymarksminde as a holiday place starts at the end of the old millennium. The area around Vodskov close to Aalborg in northern Jutland has for long attracted Ole and Inger Risager, who quite often go for long walks - and specifically with their eyes on a beautiful estate, which then turns out to be for sale. This property was a farm called Nymarksminde, and was originally from 1844 - but as it was standing, was the oldest preserved buildings from the 1910.

Fulltime jobs and leisure agriculture.
After a few but serious considerations the family makes a move. And so they began the dream of a country life. But the combination of two full-time jobs, plus an agriculture was hard to make a success. Too much maintenance and too much work - but one situation does so the family choose it as a permanent job.

Success by accident.
It all begins with the Ole's mother who often visited the farm - so the family chose to set up a nice little apartment for her. And when the mother was out, they could put up a big sign on the highway reading "Bed & Breakfast". The following year Ole and Inger had to build two new apartments.

Then things started to roll.
"The huge success was quite a surprise to us. Guests were standing in queue, and the summer was completely booked here. And that was when we got the good taste in our mouths. We would proceed with several apartments, activities and a lot of other ideas." Says Ole Risager, and Inger continues: "We had this idea that we wanted to create life on the countryside like in the old days when families had 4-5 children each, and where everyone played with all the natural surroundings." Since it's been non-stop, and today the Risager family look back on a number of fun working year with lots of freedom and vast amounts of work and challenges. Inger continues: "But it's all worth it. Just think, every year we have just so many wonderful and happy people, children and adults, visiting the place that we love the most. And while they are visiting we are both at work and outside. "

Business booming.
Each year a little more is build. More activities. More facilities. The apartments improved and renovated. The playground also receives more fun and exciting activities. New initiatives comes, for example in the shape of Football Golf. And more is on the way. When there is time.

Being together matters the most.
Because Ole and Inger prioritize being with the guests, and create so many activities in the high season - like feeding the animals, fun around the grill and much more - It is no wonder that many families choose to visit Nymarksminde year after year.
Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov
+45 26 18 28 26
Cvr: 20847506
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