How big is the conference room?
The meeting room is 140kvm with plenty of tables and chairs. Here we have room for 90 people.

Can we smoke?
It is possible to smoke outside on the wooden staircase which is found at the end of the meeting room and on the outdoor complex available on Nymarksminde.

Can we use the printer?
Yes, you can print, but it costs 3,5 DKK. per page.

Should we bring anything?
All the material for the meeting. This includes computers, ipad and phones etc. Make sure to get there early and set your computer equipment up and get things tested before the meeting starts. Also, remember that we can not solve the technical problems of external equipment which is not owned by Nymarksminde.

Do you have Wifi?
We offer both wireless and wired Internet connection throughout the meeting.

Do you have projector?
We have a ceiling mounted projector and a screen for it. On this it is possible to show powerpoints, videos, etc.

Can you help if we face problems?
Yes, we have an IT technician at the location who is always ready to help. However, we can only correct errors, on Nymarksminde's own equipment.

Do you have a sound system?
Yes, there are speakers in the conference room which can be used to play audio.

Can all of the participants get meals here?
Yes, but you should at least order for 15 people. We need to know at least 7 days ahead of the course.

Can we only order lunch, and not breakfast?
You deside when you want to eat.

Will there be staff serving the food?
Yes, the kitchen staff will put the food on a buffet table where participants serve themselves.

Do we have access to the kitchen?
Not directly, but it is possible that participants can ask the kitchen staff if anything is missing.

Can we rent the conference room for a party?
No, it is not possible to rent the room for parties or anything similar.

Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov
+45 26 18 28 26
Cvr: 20847506
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