Facilities in the Farmpark

Indoor seating and kiosk

We have a beautiful service house if the weather gets windy or if the sun decides to hide behind the clouds. The house is 175 square meters. This is where you can sit down and eat, or shop goodies in the kiosk. After grilling you should try and can come in and enjoy the spacious and cozy atmosphere. Seats in the house are taken by the first-served princible, and therefore we have no possibility of reserving tables.

The service house can have approx. 150 people, and doors are located in each end of the house so you can easily open up for cold air, if necessary. If you experience a cold day, we have the opportunity of warming up the house. Use of the service house is included in the entry price of the Farm Park and Football Golf.

This is also where you will find toilets.


Imagine this: Sizzling sausages on the grill, scorching summer sun, children enjoying themselves at the playground, and the feeling of total relaxation. After a lovely day with animals, activities and football golf, there are plenty of opportunities to use our wonderful Napoleon gas grills, which are available free of charge. When food is prepared, we have plenty of tables and benches on Nymarksminde, making it possible to enjoy food both in- and outdoors.

Remember to bring your own food, so you can cook something delicious - and if the Danish weather offers a rain shower, the pork chops will stay dry as the barbecue area is covered by a roof.

Dogs are not allowed in the park
Play safe in the park - it is your own responsibility
Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov
+45 26 18 28 26
Cvr: 20847506
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