Give your kid a great birthday party!

If you choose to have the big day on Nymarksminde, you will be giving the birthday child and all guests free access to the entire park and its activities. It is very popular to have the day out on the countryside where there is space for play and discovery. Our service building also has seating for about 150 people, and can easily accommodate all the guests when it's time to eat cake or pizza.

Nymarksminde presents:

Bouncy cushion, play set, petting animals, tetherball, football golf, tractor rides, horse rides and more.

Admission per. child: from 65 DKK
Admission per. adult: from 85 DKK

(Save 20% by booking online)

We suggest you arrive at opening time and help feeding the animals at 10.15. Very often the gueste create a football golf tournament where kids compete in teams against each other. And later it will be possible for a ride in the tractor.

Remember to bring your own cake and other food. We have grills available if you want to roast some sausage - and of course you can buy snacks and soda in our kiosk.

Remember to bring paperplates and cups etc.
Åbningstider i dag
Dogs are not allowed in the park
Play safe in the park - it is your own responsibility
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