FAQ - Bed and Breakfast
Can I have breakfast?
Yes, you can pre-order breakfast. However, this must be done no later than when booking the apartment. The price for breakfast is 110 DKK per. person per day. Breakfast includes: bread and butter, spreads, eggs and jam, juice, milk, tea or coffee.

Do I also have access to the Farmpark and Football Golf?
Yes, as a paying Bed & Breakfast guest, you have access to our activities. However, one must be aware of the season. Are you staying with us in the winter season, the Farmpark and Football Golf will be closed.

What are the arrival and depature times?
Arrival is no earlier than 15.00 and no later 21.00. Arrival after 21.00 must be informed in advance, or by calling.

Departure is no later than 10.00

How many beds are there?
There are 2 beds and the rest is on a couch bed in the smaller apartments. In the larger apartments there are several beds with possibility for extra beds. Here there is room for 6 people, but in some cases we can make room for one extra person. The apartments are equipped with single beds pushed together to make double beds.

How many can the apartments accommodate?
It depends on what type of apartment you live in. We have a small type with capacity up to 4 people, and a large one for 6 people (we can add an extra bed in some cases). The apartments are not optimal for two families at once.

Can I have an ekstra bed?
Yes in some cases, but please let us know this when you book.

Remember: The price will also change if we make room for one more person!

Can I pull the beds apart?

Will I have my own bathroom?
Yes, all apartments have their own bathroom.

Do apartments have internet and TV?

Is there room for cooking?
All apartments have kitchen with kitchen equipment.

When is the swimmingpool open?
The swimming pool opens at 10.00 and closes again at 21.00. Remember: The swimming pool is season-closed.

How warm is the water in the pool?
It is warmed by the sun equipment, so it varies.

Are there changing rooms?
Yes for women and for men.

How big is the swimmingpool?
The pool is 10x7m and 1,5m deep. There are steps down into the water - not a ladder. This means that people who are troubled walkers can easily get into the water.

Can I pay with my creditcard?
Yes, Nymarksminde accept the most used payment cards, as eg. Credit card, master card and visa electron.

Can I pay via banktransfer?
Yes, you can pay by bank transfer - but this must be done by agreement or if you ask for an invoice.

Do I also have to pay accommodation for my baby?
Yes, babies are not free of charge.

When do I pay?
Payment is by invoice, transfer, or on arrival.

How far away is the nearest town?
There is about 1 km to the little town Vodskov, which has supermarkets, pizzerias, bakery, and specialty shops. If you drive on motoway E45, there is approximately 10 minutes to Aalborg center.

How much does an apartment cost?
See prices .

Is breakfast included in the price?
No, breakfast costs 90 DKK per day, per person.

How much does a room cost?
Nymarksminde has no rooms - only well-furnished apartments with private bathroom and kitchen. The price is no different than if you rented a room somewhere.

What is the difference between Bed and Breakfast and Farm holiday?
Bed and breakfast is only accommodation. Farm holiday is a week's holiday with activities.

Can my baby go to the water?
Yes, but babies should be put in special baby pants. Remember that used diapers should be removed from the pool after the visit.

Can I have visitors in the apartment?
Yes, you can have day visits. They cost 100 DKK per. person and we have to be informed in advance.

What does changing the bed linens cost?
60 DKK per set.

What does changing the towels cost?
25 DKK per towel.

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+45 26 18 28 26
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