Nymarksminde - Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov - Info@nymarksminde.dk - Phone: +45 26 18 28 26 - Cvr: 20847506
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Welcome to Nymarksminde and our large meeting- and conference room. If your company is about to plan a conference or a meeting? On Nymarksminde we emphasize quality throughout and offer immersion in peaceful surroundings.

The functional design of our conference room in combination with our lovely location, makes it possible to have meetings and conferences in rural and scenic surroundings. On the attached terraces and open space, participants have ample opportunity to stretch legs and inhaling the fresd air. Catering is included in the price for the entire stay - here we serve breakfast buffet and bread with cold cuts for lunch.

Are we talking about an extended meeting over several days, we also have the possibility of offering overnight stays in our beautiful apartments. Give us a call +45 26 18 28 26 for more details. We look forward to helping your business with a professional meeting.

Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov
Phone: +45 26 18 28 26
Cvr: 20847506
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