Nymarksminde - Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov - Info@nymarksminde.dk - Phone: +45 26 18 28 26 - Cvr: 20847506
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We have so many opportunities and possibilities on Nymarksminde. Our conference and meeting room can be used for so many different purposes. Team building and training is one example of the ways we are most often used.

Prices per person for the use of Nymarksminde conference room is:

DKK 349

This price is valid only for a minimum number of conference participants of 15 people, and is ex. VAT. Meals are included in the price - i.e. breakfast buffet and lunch bread for each participant. Additionally, all participants have free access to the Farmpark and Football Golf in the summer season. As payment, we take credit card, EAN no and bank transfer. Environmental fee of 75 DKK for invoice

Contact us on +45 26 18 28 26, or send a mail to: info@nymarksminde.dk.
Vestvej 91, 9310 Vodskov
Phone: +45 26 18 28 26
Cvr: 20847506
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